I have to make a photo blog for school!  I decided to keep this here blog open for general stuff and begin a new one for the photos. Hopefully, I will post more actively on both blogs now.

Here is the link:


My friends Christopher Hoss, Jill Daisy and I released our first musical collaboration earlier this year. Slowcore indie folk – you can hear it and download it for free here:

The Sea Sides

South African photographer Pieter Hugo has captured some incredible images of subcultures in Africa. Here is an article about him and a link to his portfolio. Be sure to check out the Nollywood and Hyena Men sets.

‘Nuf Said


I have been working with some amigos on new music throughout this year. Much of it will hopefully appear in live and recorded forms in 2010. In anticipation of that, I have been messing around with ReverbNation and made a profile for myself-  posted now with some very old historical solo and collaborative material. Nothing to knock yr socks off, but here are some dusty cuts from back in the day by:

  • the Nastifier (solo)
  • g7 (solo)
  • Picknee (lead guitar & bass)
  • Killers Everywhere (keyboard)
  • Feedback (lyrics & vocals- way back in high school)

Enjoy-   http://www.reverbnation.com/ericwaters

The US media has largely been ignoring the climate meeting in Copenhagen in favor of teabagger and health reform coverage,  but some of the alternews sites on the web have provided pretty good coverage.

The basic take away from the event for me has been that the Have-nots are rising up and demanding a real treaty that will stem the tide of a very real climate change that some of them are already experiencing. And in doing so, they are defying the representatives of the Haves, who were sent with the hope of just signing a useless treaty to use as PR. Here are some thought-provoking and electrifying links regarding the meeting:

The Argument:

The Protests:

The H(o)ype

With an eye on a handful of topics that I am involved and interested in, I hope to post personal and universal news/links on the following:

  • Music
  • Photography/Art/Design
  • Environmental Issues/Justice/Peace/World Affairs
  • Other amazing stories or happenings that I stumble upon within the realm of magic and wonder…

Sporting the New Hotel Alexis Tee

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The sickness:

The cure:


Now this is just the beginning, a test


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